Current Projects



Homewords is an adventure game inspired by Earthbound and Ace Attorney. In Homewords you play a mute boy, Vincent, who has to help a poorly-raised child, Zoë, find her parents on planet Orbtusë. Make your way through several peculiar locations in search for Zoë's parents as you guide her through difficult conversations and confrontations.

My Contributions:
  1. Game Director

Commercially Released Games



Skelattack is an action platformer game, where you play a skeleton who is trying to stop the humans raiding his home. I joined Ukuza with the role of game developer. This meant I was given both design and programming tasks. This game got picked up by Konami who published it.

My Contributions:
  1. Enemy design and implementation
  2. Level design and implementation
  3. Boss design and implementation
  4. Sound implementation
  5. Polishing Game Feel

Rescue Wings

In Rescue Wings you play as a dog who needs to extinguish forest fires. You do this by diving underwater with your plane, to collect water. Then you can use that water to drop water-bombs on the forest fires. For my thesis I researched the ways multiplayer gamemodes could be added, and I prototyped these.

My Contributions:
  1. Designed and implemented Local Multiplayer Gamemodes
  2. Thouroughly tested and documented the designed gamemodes
  3. General Switch Port Adjustments


Lines is a puzzle game made by Gamious. It was released on mobile devices and Steam. I got tasked to create 150 original levels for the new gamemode they added.

My Contributions:
  1. Designed 150 levels


Briquid is a puzzle game that was released a few years ago for mobile devices by Gamious. I was tasked to create a special PC port of this game for Steam.

My Contributions:
  1. Updated the graphics
  2. Custom UI system that keeps track of aspect ratios
  3. level editor
  4. Steam Workshop support
  5. Steam achievements
  6. Steam cloud saving
  7. Adding Chinese translations
  8. Made the game run on 60 fps instead of 30 fps

Solo Projects

Please note: A lot of the projects listed below I have created before I worked on my Bachelors. The quality does not resemble my current skill level. However I chose to display them as all these games have a lot of heart put in.


Reddit Quest

Reddit Quest is a user content generated battle game where players can fight Reddit posts. Reddit users can post a picture with a title to Reddit. Then other users can create comments on that picture. The game loads in all the information it needs, and pits you against enemies that are created by the Reddit users. The game below is a proof of concept.

My Contributions:
  1. Loading in external posts through the Reddit.NET framework.
  2. Parsing data to enemy attacks using regex
  3. Creating the logic for the reddit autoModerator to enforce a formatting on the Reddit page.


In Doomfish you play as a blobfish, who got bullied on the Interrat(Internet but for rats). You go on a journey to take down the Interrat CEO to take down the emberassing pictures of yourself.

My Contributions:
  1. Gameplay
  2. Textbox framework
  3. Difficulty based on score

The Other Hero

The Other Hero is a small adventure game inspired by "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past". This was a solo-project that I made in about 2 weeks.

My Contributions:
  1. Gameplay
  2. Boss fight
  3. Powerups

Rhythm Masters

Rhythm Masters is a game where you have to press the right button to the music to score points (Similair to Osu and Guitar Hero). This game was made for a contest on the Dutch Gamemaker forums. The theme was music and sound. To celebrate my 5 years of developing games at that point, and to save time, I used graphics and music from my previous games.


Welcome to the Mansion Remastered

"Welcome to the Mansion Remastered" is a re-imagining from my first game: "Welcome to the Mansion". It shares the same premise as the original, however the execution came closer to what I had in mind. I spent around 5 years on this project before announcing the cancelation in 2018. There is a demo that I released in 2015 which showcases 45 minutes of gameplay.


100 Invasions

100 Invasions is a space shooter, like gradius and space invaders, made for a small contest on the Dutch GameMaker forums. The goal was to create a game with a 11 x 16 resolution. It is a fun little game, that gets really difficult as it progresses.


Welcome to the Unknown

Welcome to the Unknown is the prequel to Welcome to the Mansion. The premise is the same: You are kidnapped together with 4 others, however one of them is the person to orchestrated the entire kidnapping. The game is heavily dialogue based and has horror elements.


Mister Pig's Quest for Pants

In Mister Pig's Quest for Pants you play as the titular hero, Mister Pig, who needs to find a pair of pants to enter a party. On your journey you meet a cast of weird animals who have you do little tasks for them.


Just an Adventure

Just an Adventure is a platforming game heavily inspired by Rayman Origins and New Super Mario Bros. I made this game to be an exact contrast of Welcome to the Mansion. I wanted to create a positive game that people could come to to relax.


Welcome to the Mansion

Welcome to the Mansion is the game where it all really began for me. In this game you play as a boy who got kidnapped together with his 4 friends. However one of those friends is the person who orchestrated the kidnapping. The game is a horror adventure game made for the Creative Game Challenge 2013, a Gamemaker competition held by the University of Utrecht. I won second place in this contest, which was huge for me. Before this, making games was just a past time for me, however this was the point where it became my passion.

CancelLed Projects


Project Tanmute

Project Tanmute was a game I worked on inbetween 100 invasions and Welcome to the Mansion Remastered. You play as a girl who finds herself in an underground bunker. Your goal is to get out of that bunker, in this 2d survival horror game. The main focus of the game was player freedom, where the player was left completely free to explore the rest of the bunker. Sadly I never got to finishing this project, but I am still very proud of what I put down.