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Game Programmer / Designer

About me

My name is Joël Kroon.

I am a 23 year old game developer and designer from the Netherlands.
10 years ago I secretly downloaded gamemaker on my family's computer. Ever since then I have been creating games.
I graduated with honors (Cum Laude) from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2020 where I studied ICT: Game Development. My main focus has always been creating interesting worlds for players to explore, and using code and art to facilitate this.

I hope you enjoy checking out my portfolio!


Programming Platforms

  • Unity: 5 years experience
  • Unreal Engine 4: 6 months experience
  • Android Studio: 6 months experience
  • Gamemaker: 10 years experience

Programming Languages

  • C#: 5 years experience
  • Java: 3 years experience
  • C++: 6 months experience
  • React Native: 6 months experience
  • Gamemaker Language: 8 years experience

Highlighted Projects

Due to the amount of games I have on display, I will highlight the projects here that are most relevant in showing my skill. You can find all of my other works on the "All Projects" tab.



Skelattack is an action platformer game, where you play a skeleton who is trying to stop the humans raiding his home. I joined Ukuza with the role of game developer. This meant I was given both design and programming tasks. This game got picked up by Konami who published it.

My Contributions:
  1. Enemy design and implementation
  2. Level design and implementation
  3. Boss design and implementation
  4. Sound implementation
  5. Polishing Game Feel

Rescue Wings

In Rescue Wings you play as a dog who needs to extinguish forest fires. You do this by diving underwater with your plane, to collect water. Then you can use that water to drop water-bombs on the forest fires. For my thesis I researched the ways multiplayer gamemodes could be added, and I prototyped these.

My Contributions:
  1. Designed and implemented Local Multiplayer Gamemodes
  2. Thouroughly tested and documented the designed gamemodes
  3. General Switch Port Adjustments


Lines is a puzzle game made by Gamious. It was released on mobile devices and Steam. I got tasked to create 150 original levels for the new gamemode they added.

My Contributions:
  1. Designed 150 levels


Briquid is a puzzle game that was released a few years ago for mobile devices by Gamious. I was tasked to create a special PC port of this game for Steam.

My Contributions:
  1. Updated the graphics
  2. Custom UI system that keeps track of aspect ratios
  3. level editor
  4. Steam Workshop support
  5. Steam achievements
  6. Steam cloud saving
  7. Adding Chinese translations
  8. Made the game run on 60 fps instead of 30 fps


Homewords is a Game Inspired by Earthbound and Ace Attorney. You play as a boy who cannot talk who has to help a 7 year old girl find her parents on an alien planet. Since the boy cannot speak, the girl has to do all the talking for him. However she was raised a bit poorly and tends to run her mouth. So during the game you have to listen closely to what she is saying and interrupt her if she is about to upset someone. I am currently working on this with the help of one artist, who helps me with the character portraits.


The Other Hero

The Other Hero is a small adventure game inspired by "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past". This was a solo-project that I made in about 2 weeks for my first year course: "Game Basics".


Welcome to the Mansion Remastered

"Welcome to the Mansion Remastered" is a re-imagining from my first game: "Welcome to the Mansion". It shares the same premise as the original, however the execution came closer to what I had in mind. I spent around 5 years on this project before announcing the cancelation in 2018. During these 5 years however, I spent an enormous amount of time polishing this game to the best of my power. And to this day it is still my most polished game. There is a demo that I released in 2015 which showcases 45 minutes of gameplay.